Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Couple With Flair!

Woodrow and Leslie had a beautiful wedding this weekend in Pasadena, MD with a reception at
La Fontaine Bleue. This couple really had some pizazz with corset bride and bridesmaids dresses, and some sassy poses to top it off. And all the dancing gave us some fun opportunities to capture the couple as they boogied down. For more images from this special wedding, visit our website

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Horses on the Beach

Brian and some fellow photographers took their annual camping trip to Assateague State Park this past November weekend. The goal was some guy time, photographing some inspiring nature (actual snow on the dunes in November!), and possibly capturing images of the wild horses that roam there. They did eventually spot some of the magnificent animals; although they were too far for good photo ops, the memory of the wild beasts charging along will stay with them forever.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Weekend Surprise - "An All Plaster Cast"

Rob & Christina - Engagement Shoot - Nov 4, 2007 Rebecca and I had a great time photographing Rob and Christina’s engagement shoot and portions of their Zen inspired wedding shower this past weekend. The groom surprised us all by showing up Saturday morning with a cast on his leg for a broken ankle he had gotten the night before on a rock climbing adventure. Needless to say, we adapted the type of shots we planned to get at the engagement shoot so that the cast was not featured as we captured the couple's interactions. We’ll be flying to Florida in December to shoot their wedding, and we had a great time getting comfortable shooting together and taking advantage of a gorgeous fall morning at a local New Jersey park. The doctors say that the cast might be off in time for the wedding. Let's just hope!