Saturday, October 6, 2012

Up For Anything!

This family gives us so many opportunities to capture their fun. For over 3 years now, we have had a chance to capture them at our annual CAMOM Open House where we work from sunup to sundown to capture the twin families of the Columbian Area Mothers of Multiples. We have also gotten the chance to do a beach shoot with them as well. They are always up for anything we suggest and have a great time. Our stuffed monkey toys are often a hit with the small boys, whose giggles ring through the studio and sing in our pictures.

Three Unique Kids

Anyone who has spent any time with little ones know they are each very different. It is especially and adorably poignant in this family with three children that each looks very different from the others - and each has such a unique personality too. Beautiful inside and out! We love capturing them each year in the pre-holiday sittings we hold in Columbia.