Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Photoshop Podcast - Photography Exposed 003 - Creating Mini Planets

I taught Digital Imaging at Washington College this past fall semester, and for one of the assignments, I had students go photograph several images to stitch into a panoramic image, and fold into a mini-planet, like this one. I was making short videos like this for out of class review in case anyone had difficulties, and I thought it would make a good episode for Photography Exposed.

In this example shown, I shot several overlapping images around in a 360 degree sweep, based on a central point on campus at Washington College. I used Photomatix for tone mapping the images, which might be an extra step you may want to skip if this is your first time trying this.

The actual processing of the images and folding into a globe-looking image was all handled in Photoshop CS4.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Photography Podcast - Photography Exposed 002 - Timelapse Pioneer, Jay Burlage

For our second episode of Photography Exposed, I interviewed Jay Burlage, a pioneer in developing hardware, software and techniques used by timelapse enthousiasts and professionals around the world. Jay goes by MILapse online, since he lives in Michigan, and has taken a couple hours of his time to speak with us via Skype.

This interview is a bit niche for some viewers, and at nearly 90 minutes, it may be a lot for a beginner to appreciate. So, having warned you, if DSLR time lapse is your cup of tea, or you would like to learn how to do it form a pro, click through to the iTunes link.

In addition to the interview, this podcast features by my and Jay's timelapse work, as gives specific examples of software and hardware to use for producing MILapse worthy results!

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