Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Blushing Couple

We were able to video the wedding ceremony and reception of Katie and Andrew, who joined their lives at the beautiful USNA chapel in Annapolis, MD this weekend. The touching ceremony was presided over by her father, who is a minister. The high-school sweethearts were so cute, and constantly blushing as they danced the night away and circulated among family and friends.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Brady Family

Brian and I had the opportunity to meet with a couple who are planning their wedding for the end of May. This intimate affair will be the joining of two families that will result if 4 boys! They are even having a Medallion Ceremony as part of their wedding ceremony so the families will be joined. What an adorable bunch! We can't wait to see them all in tuxes! The Randy and Anji have decided to change their complementary engagement sitting into an outdoor family portrait some time in the fall. Locations we discussed include Patapsco State Park, Terrapin State Park, Quiet Water's Park, and Downs Park. In any of these waterfront or wooded waterfall locations, their family will be just adorable. We look forward to capturing them on their wedding day as well as next fall's family portrait.