Thursday, May 21, 2009

Save the Date

During a windy afternoon over Memorial Day weekend in St. Michaels, Brian's brother and his fiance wanted a few casual shots of their interactions for a "Save the Date" magnet they were sending out this month. This is my favorite shot from that imprompu afternoon.

Family Time

We were lucky to spend the weekend on our boat in St. Michael's with family and friends. These are our favorite photographs that tell the story.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Waterside Wedding (even a swan on the guest list)

Kim and Dan got married in Oxford, Maryland - a quaint waterside town on the Eastern Shore, that prides itself on its small town feel. The hospitable Banks offered their beautiful waterfront home as the venue for this intimate wedding. We loved the bursts of red accents amid all the blues, greens, and tans of this outdoor setting. Even a glowing, white swan couldn't resist making a glorious appearance during the wedding ceremony.

Congratulations, Kim and Dan! We can't wait to incorporate these images into your wedding video! What an dimension they will add to the finished product! Your shots at the Capitol capture your love of your country with exquisite and meaningful architectural backgrounds, while the photographs at your wedding capture the two of you, together, and with a love as natural as the scenery around you.

The Capitol

Brian and I had a private guided tour of our nation's Capitol Building in Washington, DC while photographing our latest couple, Kim and Dan. We really tried to capitalize (yes,... my pun was bad, but unavoidable) on the architecture of this historic and significant building for our adorable, patriotic couple. I must say, my patriotism received a boost of it's own from seeing the musket balls embedded in the stairs from 1812 and to all the valuable and beautiful artwork commissioned to celebrate our remarkable country. Thanks, Kim and Dan, for this opportunity and for your adventurous attitudes.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

iStockPhoto Hot Shots - 5/12/09 has something like 45,000 photographers, who've submitted about 9 million images, of which about 3 million have been accepted. Each week they send out a newsletter to contributors called "iStockPhoto Hot Shots", which features the top 8 images submitted that week. We are excited and honored to find that one of our images was chosen at the top 8 this week! (second row, second image)

Thanks to Heather and Dusty who allowed us to submit their photos to! This isn't the first time we've been featured on iStockphoto. Twice before, we've been featured on the homepage with the "Free Image of the Week". Few photographers are selected to have their work featured this way. I don't know of any others who have been featured twice this way. Go us! :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Love and Silliness

The above boy, featured last month with the Colonial Preschool images, visited our home studio as his family wanted to capture their toddler with her older brother. The above shots show how much love they have, and how much silliness! We really enjoy photographing kids when they get relaxed and act natural. There's nothing so beautiful as the truth from children.

Baby A

Our artful school photography for Colonial Preschool inspired this mom to bring her 5-month-old baby to have a shoot of his own. The relationship between the mother and baby was so touching. Brian and I were glad we could capture the art of their interactions and with our photography.

Hold On - Hold Hands

At the shoot of this adorable family, we were inspired to capture the final images of the mother and father holding the hand of their toddler, Drew. The shape, colors, imagery, ... everything about this image speaks to me about how we need to stop, focus, and enjoy the shape of our lives and the beauty of our relationships. It's really that simple.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Next Smile

We have been capturing images of this baby's older sister since she was a wee 3-month-old. We really enjoyed photography the new baby sister, 5-months-old, with her bright eyes and adorable round face. We can't wait to photography both girls together soon!