Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Ups and Downs of Life - (all on a single wedding day)

Megh and Ryan maintained their cool through the delays, upsets, and turmoil surrounding the big Bay Bridge Truck Incident of '08 which occurred the morning of their eastern shore wedding at The Oaks. Luckily, they called us right when they heard of the accident so we were able to jump in our car and head down 5 hours earlier than planned. As a result, even with the major delays and back-up on the bridge, we were able to get there in plenty to time to begin our photography and video of the couple and their family getting ready.
With a moving ceremony full of intimate smiles and joyful laughter, the couple held hands as they joined their hearts. As their reward for being such a perfect example of God's love and patience, just into their reception, everyone rushed outside to delight in the promising symbol of an exquisite double rainbow! We have never seen it's equal!