Saturday, March 21, 2009

Snails and Puppy dog Tails?

These boys are so adorable, I can hardly associate them with snails, but maybe puppy dog tails? The twin boys just delighted in mom's amazingly funny kung-fu poses while we snapped and arranged them for their sitting. This was our second sitting with Drew and Jake as we captured them 2 days before their first birthday eating matching cakes. You might remember those adorable feet covered in cake from our home page slide show on our website,

Teens and Tots

Photographing another CAMOM family with twins brought the fun dynamic of mixing teens with tots. Everyone really enjoyed mixing it up with some non-traditional group shots such as our pinwheel that resulted in my favorite shot above. Great family and a fun shoot!

Big Brothers Shine

We really enjoyed photographing the Boag family this Saturday. With beautiful new twins, it's amazing that this family was able to show up on time with everyone looking so together. We photographed a variety of family poses focusing on group shots of the children with some individuals shots. Big brother Griffin really did an amazing job helping hold the babies and giving his best smile while little brother Garrett's cheeky smiles lightened the morning.

A Child's Face

As a mother of our beautiful daughter (who appears in our blogs frequently), I have experienced first hand how fleeting the moments are.  "They grow so fast" is a common phrase because it is so true!  And in our busy lives, how often can we simply sit and look at our child?  And even if we made the time, how often do they actually sit still?  Haaha.  

So as photographers and parents, we really value our opportunities to photograph children and babies to capture these moments in time.  Many studios can snap a shot of your child smiling, in a traditional pose.  We can get those also, and do capture that on a regular basis, but the art that really draws me is the close-enough-to-see-the-downy-hairs-only-children-have images.  I love the soft light, tight framing with our 105 on a black or neutral backdrop.  These images can be smiling or even simply thoughtful as children often are.  As long as the emotion is genuine, it's my favorite type of shot.  

We are pleased to be able to post some of these photographs captured during Colonial Nursery School's spring photography fundraiser.  We are donating 75% of the profits from this charity photography event back to the non-profit coop school.  Colonial is a wonderful place where the parents, teachers, and children work together to create an environment when all participants grow and learn together.  And we were happy to be a part of photographing their students.  

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Painting - as promised

As I mentioned before, I intended to paint one of the images from Elise's fantasy shoot this past weekend. This is actually a new shot I had not posted previously, but for this gallery wrap, I decided to do a shot that had much more space around the edge for the "wrapping" part of the canvas.

I am currently accepting commisions. 888.269.7564

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fantasy In White

We are venturing into a new style of portrait photography - fantasy! We have been gathering flowers, tulle, garlands, wreaths, garden benches, and some gauzy white dresses to help create an other-worldly fairy/antiqued feel in our images. Our first run on this style this past weekend was a great success. With our own live-in model (aka Elise, our daughter), we captured the above fantasy inspired photographs. I intend to paint one of these images and get it printed on canvas for above our fireplace. (Now we just need one of her looking devilish to balance these angelic shots.... hahah. )

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My True Passion

Again, the convergence of my passions painting and photography has left me in an inspired and satisfied place as it's has overlapped with the passion I feel for our beautiful daughter. As our daughter rarely even sits still for photos, there is little chance of getting her to sit still for an entire painting. So to capture her in this portrait, I used a favorite photograph from her first year to create the oil painting. Believe it or not, her eyelashes are really that amazing! I love this painting because it represents one of Brian and my favorite days. As a new family, we took Elise to the park on a fall day for a photoshoot - every picture captured the magic of that blue-sky day!

To commission your own digital painting, contact Rebecca at or visit our website .

Monday, March 2, 2009

LifeBrush ~ passions converge!

Brian and I consider ourselves very lucky to be able to follow our passions in life. And even better when our passions converge - in this case, painting and photography!

We are now offering our exclusive LifeBrush service as part of our business, You can now commission works of digital art from your favorite photographs. I use my array of digital tools to hand-paint your image into a painted image which we can then print on fine art canvas or even have gallery wrap for the ultimate finished presentation.

Don't be fooled. There are many filters out there that claim to do this same service, but the brush strokes are random and do not match the image, which results in a static and unrealistic painting.

With our LifeBrush technique, in this form of digital expressions, the possibilities are endless as I recreate and enhance your favorite images with my interpretive brush strokes. Above are some images from weddings we have photographed and a creation from an old wedding photograph scan from over 35 years ago!

To commission your own digital painting, contact Rebecca at or visit our website .